Saturday, September 10, 2005

Focus On Soft Skills A Leadership Wakeup Call
By Carole Nicolaides Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved httpwwwprogressiveleadershipcom The rules for succeeding in business are changing daily Yet people are still asking for the magic formula that contributes to a successful organization Is it talented knowledgeable people plus innovative products Thats a great start but something vital is missing from this equation More and more corporations around the world recognize that in order to gain a competitive adva

Living in the Clouds
I have a sister of whom I am very proud After the kids were grown she found herself divorced after years of unhappy marraige So she went back to work She found the job market brutal after all those years as a housewife but she stuck with it and got a ticketing job with Continental Airlines She allowed herself to dream about returning to the flight attendants job shed given up when she got married and thanks to a 1968 court ruling which struck down the mandatory resignation ages and to t