Saturday, August 20, 2005

Utility Helicopter Operations
Utility Helicopter Operations Byline Terry Herring TVA and Bob Feerst UtilitiesAviation Specialists Inc Helicopters are being used in the utilities industry now more than ever not only for transport but also for inspection and maintenance of their TD assets To meet todays challenges of system reliability helicopter crews are becoming an integral part of collecting accurate and timely data for system quality and maintenance planning This trend is expected to continue rising

Complacencys Evil Twin Brother
Complacencys Evil Twin Brother an air pilots overconfidence Brief Article Approach Nov 2000 by Tim Buller As I snapped the plane on its side and ripped the power levers to idle I knew right away I was merely hanging on for the ride Over and over it gets drilled into our heads Mundane and expected tasks can sneak up and bite us when we least expect it But we seldom discuss complacencys evil twin brother overconfidence How many times have you let your 2000 hours