Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ameriflight is hiring

Found this article at the black pilots association site and thought anyone looking for a pilot job could take a look....

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Ameriflight Is Hiring


In addition to their regular hiring, Ameriflight is looking to hire two to three low time pilots (400-800 hours) to be simulator instructors in the training department. Because Ameriflight requires 1200 hours TT for employment as a pilot, instructors will not fly the line.

Requirements for Employment:
Commercial Rating, CFI, CFII and MEI

If interested please contact:
Carlton Skarret

PPDP’s comments: This is an excellent opportunity for a low time flyer to gain experience about what the training environment is like in the 121/135 operator environment. Understanding loft profiles, V1 cuts, CRM and training expectations are essential to successfully completing training at a carrier when one is hired. Please take the time to consider this job as a professional development opportunity.